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Kosher Gifts for Hanukkah

Kosher Gifts for Hanukkah

Marisa Cutaia
October 14, 2021


There is nothing worse than showing up to a holiday get together without a hostess gift or plate to share. What if you’re celebrating the Festival of the Lights with your closest Jewish friends? It opens so many other questions. Are they kosher? Are they Orthodox? It’s all too much for a shiksa to work through!

Opt for a lowest common denominator. It’s easiest to assume the group is at least partially kosher and/or Orthodox. Bringing a treat to share with the group with these restrictions can be accomplished with some forethought.

What’s Orthodox?

Orthodox Judaism is a term for the most traditional of contemporary Judaism. This group of practitioners will be more conservative and closely follow all of the teachings of the Torah, both written and oral. This means Orthodox Jewish people will likely adhere to a more strict diet, including eating kosher. 

What’s Kosher?

Kosher refers to the dietary regulations of kashrut. This is derived from Leviticus 11 and Deuteronomy saying the food consumed according to halakha, or Kosher in English. Foods must be prepared and cooked according to very specific rules. 

How do I know it’s Kosher?

Kosher foods are certified and given a seal of approval from various sources. A K symbol means Kosher, while a circled K means the company OK Kosher Certification has approved the food. This is the most common marking to denote a kosher food for consumption.

Pickles + Delis and Kosher Eating

Pickles are traditionally served at Jewish delis as a palate cleanser that is made in accordance with even the strictest Orthodox laws. It’s a sharp contrast to the other foods on the plate, clearing the tastes from the tongue. 

Pickled Vegetables as a Gift

Because pickles have become synonymous with the deli tradition, Jewish households will rarely be left without pickled vegetables. They are easily stored in pantries until opening and appease all dietary restrictions that go along with the Orthodox Jewish faith. This makes them the perfect host or hostess gift or compliment to a Hanukkah party. Shop gourmet pickled vegetable options from Last of Seven now.