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Paleo Gift Ideas for the Holidays and Beyond

Marisa Cutaia
August 2021 

Eating Paleo is so much more than a diet; it’s a lifestyle change that gives people simple, healthy guidelines. Getting a gourmet treat as a holiday gift tickles most of our fancy, but what about those following Paleo? How do we give gifts to them without undoing their hard work?

Beyond dietary restrictions, those practicing Paleo may also aim to cut chemicals and manufactured products from their lives completely. This means beyond eating only whole foods, they will seek out beauty products, fitness supplies, cleaning items, clothing and kitchen tools that are also free from additional chemicals. 

What is Paleo?

Paleo is a dietary plan that is mostly based on what a human would have been eating during the Paleolitic era. This includes anything that could be hunted, grown or foraged. Think berries, nuts, fruits, vegetables and lean proteins. The thought behind this is that the human body is not made to eat items commonly available today. By cutting out processed and unnatural foods, people could lose or maintain weight, plan meals more easily and experience more energy.

Paleo Gift Ideas

Aiming to remove chemicals and processed foods from your life can lead to big changes, which means shopping for those within Paleo can be fun!

A quick search of the internet will turn up many options for your Paleo friend or family member. Many shoppers are quickly overwhelmed with the terminology and harmful items to watch out for in Paleo. 

One sure way to please anyone is to present a crafted charcuterie plate. Even within Paleo, there are delicious items to include around the traditional cheeses and meats. With each charcuterie display, there are typically 5 tastes to cater to.


In addition to items like olives and artichokes, prosciutto and more, add some pickled vegetables like those from Last of Seven. Our pickled carrots are a perfectly unique accompaniment to the plate with a salty, spicy tang. 


Keeping the glycemic index down is really the key with a spread for Paleo dieters. Opt for berries or cherries for the lowest impact on restrictions. If you are splurging, dates or figs make a nice fall touch and give an even sweeter option.


Not only are various taste buds catered to with charcuterie, but textures must be addressed too. Include crunchy vegetables like radishes, cucumbers, bell peppers or nuts like almonds or cashews. 


With so many options of dippable items, add another flavor with a carefully chosen dip. Non-chick pea hummus, pesto or dairy free ranch are good options for all these veggies and snacks. 


What’s a good charcuterie unless paired with a perfect wine. To keep the Paleo eaters in the group happy, opt for an organic and sugar free wine. There are any number of options at grocery retailers. Their sommeliers will be able to best answer pairing questions and assure your Paleo concerns. 


Why Give Paleo? 

While Paleo might not be on your diet, that doesn’t mean you can’t be respectful of what others are doing. Giving a Paleo gift shows that you pay attention to your friend or family needs in addition to supporting their overall goals. 


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