Indulge! It’s Okay. It’s Healthy

Add a little elegant surprise to your table or picnic with Last of Seven’s finest quality pickled vegetables, with unique flavors and specially curated ingredients.

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Specialty Curated Ingredients

Last of Seven is a gourmet food brand that offers truly special and unique flavored pickled vegetables. We produce thoughtfully hand-packed small batches by sourcing the highest quality ingredients.

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Perfect Pairings

Last of Seven features ​pickled carrots​ and cornichons (coming summer 2021) in unique flavor options to perfectly pair with your wine, cocktails, or cheeseboard.

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Fun & Flirty Tote Bags

Enjoy a great jute tote for an even greater cause--50% of the profits from this tote will be donated to regenerative farming non-profit organizations.

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A Little Slice Of Luxury From The Hostess

Charcuterie boards are a rich option for appetizers with friends, family, associates, and more! To truly impress, lay out a spread of meats, cheeses, fruits, and Last of Seven’s gourmet pickles. You’ll find your guests can’t get enough of our premium pickles.

Happy Hour's Little Luxuries

Last of Seven provides a flavor that packs a punch—and are naturally light on calories. These great pickled vegetables that are also a perfect juxtaposition to the soft cheese and rich meats.

Immaculate Pairings

Last of Seven features carrots and cornichons (coming summer 2021) pickled in unique and distinctive flavors. Our rich flavors include an infusion of spices and herbs that ensures the most palate-pleasing, crisp product every time. 

Specialty Curated Ingredients

Our scrumptious pickled vegetables are 100% natural and USA grown, gluten-free, kosher certified, and non-GMO. To ensure the highest quality throughout from farm to table, we enjoy a supportive relationship with the farmers growing our vegetables. 

  •  Distinctly Unique Flavors

    From sweet and tangy yuzu to indulgent bourbon, we have put together unique flavor pairings through a creative use of ingredients. Look out for more limited-edition flavors coming soon! 

  • Finest Quality Ingredients

    Throughout the entire process of building this brand, we have sought out, tasted, and utilized the finest ingredients to produce pickles that are truly special and unique.  

  • Exquisite packaging

    Finest ingredients don’t stop with our pickled vegetables. Our packaging has been thoughtfully designed with sustainability and luxury in mind. Send to a friend with confidence knowing they will have an incredible unboxing experience!

  • All Good –Sustainability

    From farm to table, Last of Seven strives to lessen its environmental impact at every step of the way. When creating our premium pickled vegetables, not only did we look to 100% natural ingredients and local produce, we followed heavily the guidelines of sustainable product development and packaging and encourage reuse and recycling of our jars and packaging.

Super Premium Quality

From the first bite, we’re sure you’re going to love the palette-pleasing creations Last of Seven has to offer. These table accoutrements make the perfect gift packs for sharing with your friends.
Great for Gifts

From the moment they open the package they will experience something specially curated and unique. Every time. 

Upscale Cocktail Nibbles

No time to prepare appetizers? No problem! These beautiful carrots are packed full of flavor—all you need to accompany your cocktail hour.  

Luxurious Charcuterie and Cheeseboard Options

The perfect addition to any charcuterie board, happy hour, or picnic

"I​ was looking for something really special—something packed with flavor that would serve as a healthy snack or pairing that was memorable without the extra calories."