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Cheese Pairings

Cheese Pairings

No charcuterie board is complete without some great cheese! Needing expert advice on what is the best cheese for the charcuterie board and a pairing of Last of Seven pickled carrots, I reached out to the best of the best—Cheesemonger and CEO of Mission Cheese, Sarah Dvorak.

Here are Sarah’s recommendations for pairing.  Thank you Sarah!

LO7 Original - Alpine-style is perfect for the original LO7 flavor.  “Tarentaise is very delicious and compliments the sweetness of the shallot and subtle black pepper spice so nicely” said Sarah. Other cheeses similar in style are Pleasant Ridge Reserve, Alpha Tolman, or a tasty Gruyere. 1655 is my favorite”, noted Sarah.

Spicy –A lactic goat milk cheese would be a great match for the spicy pickled carrot. “The dream would be with Kenne from Tomales Farmstead or Capriole's Wabash Cannonball, but Couple from Vermont Creamery is pretty widely available and would be an excellent pair as well”, advised Sarah.

Bourbon – A washed rind cheese, which is cheesemonger speak for a stinky cheese would be a great pairing. “I know that sounds scary, but these cheeses have a wide range of funk...from just a touch smokey and hammy to more robust aromas and flavor profiles. For a more subtle pairing I would suggest Ashbrook from Springbrook farms in Vermont (Morbier and Taleggio are popular imports in this similar flavor profile). Other recommendations if you want to go big-- Winnimere from the Jasper Hill Farm also in VT or Grayson from Meadow Creek Dairy in VA. These are two of my favorite domestic funky gems and will bring a lovely compliment to the maple and smoke of the pickles!” recommended Sarah.     

Sarah Dvorak, CEO & Founder Mission Cheese. Photo by Peter Prato