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Elizabeth Brown 

About Last of Seven

I love nothing more than having my house full of friends and family. This probably comes from being the youngest of seven kids - I’m used to having lots of people around, lots of great conversations, storytelling, celebrating and, of course, a good dose of “tough-love”. My favorite way to start an evening with friends includes a great playlist, a few lit candles and the perfect charcuterie board to complement our wine or cocktails. A charcuterie board is always an easy bite to pull together and I love how it gathers everyone around the table.  

I often find myself searching for something special for these evening spreads. At specialty shops and local grocery stores I’ve found wonderful cheese options as well as meats, nuts and spreads. Time and time again, I found myself searching for a great pickled vegetable to balance out the cheese and meats. When I did find something to add to my spread, I was always disappointed in the lack of flavor and quality or the excessive calories and even the size! After years of a fruitless search, I knew I couldn’t be the only person who felt this way.

John Patrick Hinek and Elizabeth Brown

CEO Elizabeth Osterman with Last of Seven's first employee John Patrick Hinek

I figured if I couldn’t find what I was looking for, why not create it myself. Meet Last of Seven. We start with California grown carrots, fresh from the ground. We pickle them in small batches with specialty curated ingredients such as rare Japanese yuzu zest and super premium Kentucky bourbon. The highest quality ingredients. When you throw together a charcuterie board for your close friends, or a dinner party or just your family, we hope that Last of Seven’s premium pickled vegetables will add a little elegant surprise to your table.

Please enjoy our pickled carrots, asparagus, and cornichons in scrumptious flavors! 

We're excited to announce our LO7 Original Pickled Carrots is a 2022 Good Food Award Winner!