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Vegan Cheese

vegan cheese recommendations for your next board

June, 2021   John Hinek

One of my favorite things about Last of Seven’s pickled vegetables is that they can be universally enjoyed--regardless of dietary restrictions. These pickles have become the perfect hosting gift for me, as hosts and hostesses can confidently add a jar of Last of Seven to a charcuterie board to be enjoyed by all. 

In pursuit of creating a brand that can be an inclusive place for people of any diet, we have compiled a list of our favorite vegan cheeses on the market. While vegan cheese can seem a bit daunting, over the past several years vegan friendly cheeses have boomed with amazing options. For any cheese board, even a vegan board, a variety of textures and flavors are key to the tastiest product. Here is what we consider to be the best vegan cheese on the market: 

When it comes to vegan cream cheese it doesn’t get much better than Kite Hill. We recommend pairing this cheese with crackers and a drizzle of honey. Creamy, tangy, and all around delicious, no one will be missing the classic cream cheese after trying this. 

Siete is one of my favorite brands when it comes to vegan products, and their queso dip does not disappoint. Cashew based and accompanied by just a few healthy, recognisable ingredients, this cheese is absolutely perfect for a night of entertaining. 

Miyoko’s cheese is creamy, dense, salty, and the chive variety adds the extra depth of flavor perfect for enjoying with Last of Seven pickled veggies or crispy bread. This cheese is nut based and is sure to delight vegans and non-vegans alike. 

Tofu and coconut based, I was skeptical of this cheese at first. To my surprise Choa offered a great cheddar flavor that would pair well wherever a standard cheddar would be used. We recommend pairing with a honey crisp apple. 

This cashew based spread wowed our team. Similar to typical gouda cheese for it’s dense and springy bite and sweet and creamy flavor, Reine cheese was a win. It’s strong gouda flavor matched well with the subtle and fresh notes of our LO7 pickled carrot. 

While vegan cheeses don’t taste identical to their traditional dairy counterparts, they are tasty in their own right and provide a great option that can be enjoyed by all of your guests. Whether it be for an entire vegan board, vegan option for a midsummer wine tasting, or a vegan-friendly gift, consider adding vegan cheese to your shopping list. 


Last of Seven Pickles-Vegan Cheese Last of Seven Pickles-Vegan Cheese